Sport Passion Episode 2

Bienvenidos de nuevo a Sport Passion. Esta semana hablamos de: Golf con Javier Varela; Golf Pro, conductor y productor de Ruta 21 (01:30)NBA con Nelson Pérez de HSM America (24:00)Esports con Antonio Rubio; Periodista de videojuegos (47:30) Music on“All we got” by GoMordecai“So much for the City” by Saka“She´s cool” by Yarn“You and Music” by Telboy “Anna” by Hoffman Sloth Gracias por escucharnos! Continue reading Sport Passion Episode 2

Sport Passion Episode 1

Bienvenidos a Sport Passion, un programa para todos los amantes del deporte, y hecho por periodistas que amamos contarlo. En este primer programa hablamos con Nelson Perez, director de HSMamerica, sobre fútbol, con la actualidad de Real Madrid y Barcelona, y También sobre el comienzo de la postemporada en la Major League Baseball. Music on“All we got” by GoMordecai“Keeping time” by jennydee“Euphoria” by slightlyleftofcentre“Emotional … Continue reading Sport Passion Episode 1

I remember my Raptors; A Full Circle story

It’s been almost a week since Matt Devlin said “Canada, the NBA title is yours!”. I’m still digesting and assimilating this unprecedent moment; the Raptors are NBA champions. This was basically a crazy idea for the majority of the world, and even for myself 3 seasons ago, when I was so lucky to cover one full season with them. That 2015/2016 season was the one when the Raps reached the Conference Finals for 1st time. Now, as NBA champions, it feels like a full circle for me. Continue reading “I remember my Raptors; A Full Circle story”

Recognize an opportunity and make it happen

How many times you’ve thought: “I’m so unlucky, I never get an opportunity and, even if I don’t stop looking, I don’t find any chance to do something that I like for my career and my life”. I’ve asked that question myself for longer than I remember, and honestly, you will never know when that opportunity will come, you just need to be ready for it, and don’t hesitate to take it.

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New York City

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can do”.

Love can be defined in many different ways, and we can feel it for many reasons. We love people, pets, food, etcetera, but we can also love places. And we all know which is the most loved place in the world, at least in the t-shirt market. Well… I don’t need a t-shirt to love New York City, I just do it!

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