Recognize an opportunity and make it happen

How many times you’ve thought: “I’m so unlucky, I never get an opportunity and, even if I don’t stop looking, I don’t find any chance to do something that I like for my career and my life”. I’ve asked that question myself for longer than I remember, and honestly, you will never know when that opportunity will come, you just need to be ready for it, and don’t hesitate to take it.

Plenty of those times you’ll think you want something, and you’ll be stubborn about it. Even if there’s no chance for it to work out, you will keep wondering why it doesn’t happen to you, why others and not you. It is indeed very difficult to avoid negative thoughts, but we should do whatever we can to revert that situation and stop complaining.

This is a classic, but If you really want something, go get it. Go meet people, introduce yourself, do an extensive research, study different industry options, different companies, their growth possibilities and what they’re lacking. Most important, know your strengths, and be smart enough to adapt.

You will always have something different to offer; find out what it is, and use it in your favor. And also do it as soon as possible, because you might not have many chances to show it. Do they seem slow? Be faster. Do they seem comfortable? Be a hustler. Just try to be better every single time. It won’t be easy, they’ll see you as a menace for their comfort, but never invest your life and personal interests in others opinion. As I said, be able to adapt; you probably won’t change the system (just yet), but don’t forget what you are, what makes you different, and you’ll stand up.

And what about your weaknesses? You will have them, that’s for sure. Great strengths will get you there, but your willing to improve your weaknesses will get you into a whole different level, it will get you to that 10% so difficult to reach, a percentage that you should always aim for, to avoid any excuse within your growth.

So if the opportunity is still not there, do something about it, and if is ready for you, go above and beyond to make it happen, because that opportunity could change your life. And here is one my mottos through my life: “Whatever the regular pace is, just don’t stop pushing!”

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