Tiger, thanks for making Sundays great again!

It’s 12am, and I just came from a 14-hour day at work. I should definitely go to sleep, but I find myself watching my recording of the PGA Championship’s final round. And there’s only one reason I’d do it, Tiger Woods is in contention. I’ve been wanting to write something about his comeback for a long time, but perhaps I was waiting for a day like this.

I already know he didn’t win, I know Brooks Koepka got the Wannamaker Trophy, like he did weeks ago at the US Open, but I don’t mind; I know I’m about to witness one of the most exciting days in the late Golf history.

Tiger Crowd_Fox2
Massive crowds following Tiger (Pic by Fox 2)

Since his comeback, the whole season has been about Tiger. Commercials missed him, TV promoters missed him, fans missed him, Golf missed him. And he got us back to long Sundays in front of the TV, listening to non stop roars anywhere the man in red walks. He got the audiences back to numbers never seen since… oh I remember, since Tiger Woods. His law of attraction just works differently than in other human beings.

He has tried to comeback to competitive golf for a couple years, but his back never helped him. That’s why, when he started this season, there was excitement, but just because of what he was; because of that vague memory of his fist bumps and unique attitude. This time it’s been different. His in a better shape, not too stiff, and his results have shown that we’ve got more than a decent version of Tiger back.

14 events and 12 cuts, 5 top 10’s, and only 2 tournaments outside the top 25, including a 6th at the Open and this 2nd at the PGA Championship. Well, not too shabby for a 42 year-old man playing with a bunch of younger and better fitness inclined guys. Actually there’s still people criticizing that he hasn’t won (yet) this year, but let’s be real; it is not easy to beat the new Golf World Order, including Dustin Johnson, Justin Tomas, Brooks Koepka, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth or Tommy Fleetwood…

Tiger being Tiger again (Pic by USA Today)

Today I’d say he achieved his best ever 2nd place. Today Tiger shot 64, his lowest last round ‘EVER’ in a Major, Today he gave us shots, emotions, and a final celebration to remember. Today he made Sundays great again, with a totally devoted crowd, who at some point didn’t really care about the other golfers on the course, they just wanted to see Tiger making putts, throwing darts, fist bumps, and if possible, they wanted to see him winning. He was short for the last one, but he really was the mental champion for the dozens of thousands assisting to Bellerive Country club.

This season, and especially this week, we’ve seen Tiger like never before; nicer with people (some exceptions as normal), smiling more than ever, but with the same winning hunger. I don’t know when is going to happen, but that win is coming, and I don’t care if is a Major of a regular PGA event, I just love seeing him enjoying golf again, and making me staying until 4 am watching him playing competitive golf. Tiger, thanks for coming back!

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