Please let Sergio be human

It’s not the best time for Sergio Garcia. The 2017 Masters’ Winner is been struggling the whole season, since he won his first tournament of the year in Singapore. And it’s always during his lows when all his haters come to the light, and take advantage of Sergio’s fragile mood.

Okay, we all know he’s not the nicest when things go south, but who is always in the perfect mood? A very few ones. Sergio is just one more human being with his ups and downs, and right now is really going through one of his worst moments. He loves to play well, he loves to win, and he hates not doing it, and also hates how easy everybody buries him, that’s it.

Some would say that he has no reasons to be that mad when talking to the press, especially the Spanish one, or even turning against those spectators who bother him during each one of his rounds. They’d say he has everything; money, recognition, a golf Major, a successful career, a happy family with his little daughter Azalea, but that means nothing. He’s human and he also has the full right to be mad and express himself the way he likes. He’s reaching his limit and all that frustration is going to come out one way or another; once again, it is a human thing.

I’ve personally had the chance of meeting him several times, as a journalist, and as a golf fan, and he’s always been exemplar. Of course, I’ve always known when and how to approach him to get the best of him.

Last example was during the past RBC Canadian Open. I followed him during his entire first round; I whisper and cheered him when it was proper, and I stayed quiet during tense moments. I talked several times with him in Spanish, and I even waited a 2-hour weather delay, something that made him laugh when he was back on the tee, and saw me there. That time he was the one who started the conversation in the most natural way possible. But he wasn’t only nice to me during his round; he gave away multiple golf balls to the kids and had always a smile when the crowd was cheering for him.

After the round ended (he played decently well), I waited to whish him good luck and say goodbye, but once again I wasn’t the one who took the first step. When he left the Club House he looked for me, surrounded a bunch of kids, and came directly to where I was to say thanks and hand me a signed ball. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but come on, what a detail. Of course, he addressed all the kids demands right before he left.

You could think this is a stupid reason to keep believing in Sergio, that I’m just a huge fan and I will always defend him. No, is not a stupid reason, it’s a real one, and yes, I will ALWAYS defend him; because I know how he feels when things don’t go the way he expects. And I don’t know that because I have any kind of special relationship with him, I know it because I’m also human. So support or criticize, but please let Sergio be human.


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