Reflections: “How I got here”

Welcome to Reflections. I would like to use this section as a trip to my mind and my thoughts, and also to share some of my own life stories / experiences. If “Driving to the Skyline” is my personal blog, this would be the most personal category, and of course the most subjective and opinionated one.

But before I get ‘that’ opinionated, I better tell you who am I, and why am I doing this. Well, I’m a Spaniard living in Toronto. I’m in the Hospitality business, and I consider myself lucky because I really love what I do; I love people, and you set your own limitations so… Easy choice!

But I’ve done many other things before getting to this point, and it hasn’t been an easy path. I’m a graduated Journalist, and that’s basically why I’m doing this blog. I’ve always been a writer, and now I’m in a position/stage where I can write whenever I have time, about whatever I want, and in a total subjective way, with no deadlines nor ‘editorial line’ to follow.

I’m also a golfer. Not a pro, but I aim to improve and get better every round; who knows what could happen in the future… I also love writing about golf, and promote those who dedicate their effort to make golf a sport more and more played around the world. This passion is why you’ll see a dedicated section in this blog.

I’m also a natural public relations person; at work, and when it comes to know people. I’m one of those who still believe in people, and try to get the best of them, so you could expect an interviews section very soon.

I love to travel and I’ll talk about my trips here as well, with a special section for New York City. I’ve always been a New Yorker at heart; I’ve lived there for a little while, visited many times, and is the place that always bring peace & happiness to my life in any of the stages of my life.

I could say I’m in a stage of Peace, after 4 intense years that felt like a circle. From working in a kitchen to pay bills, to work for one of the best Banks in North America by willing and dedication, and at the same time cover NBA Raptors games as a journalist by passion, doing the job I always wanted, for free, and when I wasn’t chasing it anymore (funny life). And now back to Hospitality by choice, with the prospect of something big, taking advantage of my best skill, ‘people’, and allowing me to finally create the life I want. It’s been a ride so far, but we know life is a journey, and I’d like to share some of my past experiences, and also what’s to come with you all.

Welcome to Driving to the Skyline!

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