Nusr-et New York

A few months ago, the famous Turkish butcher and social media sensation, Nusret Gökçe (#saltbae), opened one of his world known franchises in New York City, and of course, it didn’t go unnoticed. Since then, the restaurant has received thousands of different reviews, positive and negative, but the general feeling is that Nusr-Et NYC is a way overpriced restaurant full of shows rather than good food.


In my last trip to New York, I was decided to give it a try and experience it in my own skin. I wasn’t going to go for the overpriced steak, but I really wanted to try their burger, and feel the restaurant’s vibe.

I’m not going to get too technical about the food and details, but I have to say that I enjoyed the 1.5 hours I spent there, even though I had to wait 30 minutes for my previously reserved table.

Music was very loud; too loud I’d say for a restaurant, but I guess it’s part of the show. The dedicated DJ was playing Latin music for a while, so I really enjoyed it. After that, some Turkish tunes made it even more authentic. About the main room, I really liked the layout; very spacious, and I was lucky that it wasn’t too busy for a Wednesday night. From my little but comfortable table I was able to watch some of the ‘fire’ shows, and somebody acting like SaltBae (he wasn’t there that night) cutting and ‘salting’ other tables’ $$$$ steak with a leather apron, with the same style that made his boss famous.


About the food, I ordered the ‘Nusret Burger’ with caramelized onion, cheese, and fries, and I accompanied it with an Efes Pilsen (pilsner), a well known Turkish beer served very cold and in a frozen glass, which I loved! In general, everything was really good; the meat (high quality) was perfectly medium cooked, very juicy and tasty, and I really have to say I enjoyed the fries, because of their spiced seasoning. I could’ve had one more pound.

Simple dinner to try out one of the trendy restaurants in the city, and mission accomplished!! Also accomplished was the bill: USD $52 (CAD $70) for a burger and a beer, including 18% auto-gratuity (well, they call it service charge). Service was good anyways, very helping and attentive.

It might be an overpriced restaurant (their steaks plates can go over $200 for 2-3 people), but for the experience, plus midtown Manhattan, I’d say it’s a good thing to do when you visit a city with so many hospitality options.

I might repeat and try the steak one day. Who knows…

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